About Christopher-Michelle Photography

 Who we are and why we love what we do…….



12226920_10205376806962115_5771003119081906340_n    We are a husband and wife photography team that shoots anything from weddings, engagements, and senior portraits to family portraits. Our main focus is wedding photography. Michelle and I have been shooting for over 4 years and truly love it! Our style is classically candid, while keeping a unique artistic twist to it. We are a fun loving couple who are passionate about our work and treat every picture we take as a work of art.





– About Christopher Brooks –


 Hi I’m Christopher!
My passion for photography grew from always wanting to capture moments with friends and family, and not to mention the influences of my father.  Photography has since grown to be not only my passion but my profession, working for studios around the area since I was 14, I have learned by the best in the business. Everyday I look forward to learning new things, teaching the things I know, and making the best out of everything thrown my way.
 I grew up in a small city west of St. Louis in Lake Saint Louis, MO, which is where I still call home. Michelle and I have started our family here and we love spending time on the lake or sitting out by a fire on a cool starry night. I have a ton of hobbies outside of photography, including hiking, traveling, skateboarding, kayaking, and snowboarding to just name a few. I live everyday like it may be your last, and I feel that has made me who I am today.